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What Our Premium Members Are Saying


"Uncanny research, foresight, simplicity and even timing.   This is what a newsletter should aspire to be." 

Evan M. , PA


"This is simply the best investment newsletter I have ever joined.  It's clear and insightful with no gimmicks and so far it's been very profitable for me."

Greg Mazio - Palatine, IL


Thank you for a back to basics approach to stock picking and profits.  As one that does not have time to constantly monitor investments I find this service perfect for my needs.  Great picks, great analysis and great performance is all I can ask for and more.  I've made lots of money with you in Rick’s Research with your prior biotechnology and nanobiotech picks there.  Glad to see you are able to reproduce those results in spades focused on the sector.  Bravo!

Dave S., Colorado



"Handing me  so many stocks with more than a 50% gain in less than a year was more than I expected.  Great job."

David Sawyer - Toledo



"I'm recommending this letter to anyone who asks how I'm doing in the market these days.    This is an excellent advisory especially in this area often overrun by penny stock charlatans.  Solid work on solid stock picks.  Keep it up."

Marty W.  - Ann Arbor


"I'm 8 for 8 with your personalized medicine stock picks with an annualized gain of 80%.  Maybe I'll retire early after all.  Thanks!!"

Roger G.  - Delaware


"I do enjoy reading your writings, but more importantly I enjoy the profits I have had so far.  I have all eleven of your recommendations in your biotech portfolio.  My annualized return is 64.57%... 

 I am very, very satisfied with your stock selections." 

Bob George, Ohio


"Kudos! Your work in personalized medicine is well ahead of the street and even a few doctors I've discussed the topic with.  Even better is the great returns I've had so far."

Diana S. - Richmond



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