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TRIUMPH Investing


Investors often ask us how we achieve such high returns with our biotech stocks. The key to our success is research and fundamental investing. But more importantly, we focus on the drivers we have identified as the keys to explosive returns in biotech. We call it TRIUMPH investing.

T Targeting and therapeutic potential specifically addressing disease populations with unmet medical needs.

targeted medicine

R Research. Academic, clinical and preclinical evidence that the targeting is likely to produce a successfully marketed drug candidate. Research includes understanding the market opportunity and cost factors unique to physician activity with the associated therapeutic market.

biotech research

I Institutional interest. The number of researchers and following institutions including big pharma companies interested in the target. Interest can also include evidence of follow on development and patent following by large pharma companies. Interest must be high.

institutional interest

U Uniqueness. What sets apart the company? Are they well ahead in a technical area? Are they in an un-crowded space? Does the company's technology have the ability to expand its developments to a broader platform that can be exploited by a major pharma with deeper pockets? Companies must have unique attributes for superior returns.

M Management. There are many things to look at here including success with other companies in the same area. Under-promising and over-delivering are an intangible plus to build confidence. Strong cash management and partnering strategy relationships reveal the broader industry response to what the company has in the pipeline. Earnings in earlier stage companies are not the key to cash management. In smaller names, developing promising candidates, attractive therapeutic potential, and cash management are especially more critical.

P Patents, positioning and personalized. We want to avoid companies in an overcrowded space with treacherous clinical trials. Ideal candidates will have full leadership position including intellectual property (patents), and first in class or best in class candidates (positioning). Look for the ability to apply the development to biomarker (personalized) medicine narrowing focus in clinical trials geared toward success.

H Hidden potential. Hidden potential can lead to the largest gains of any biotech investment. Investors are often myopic with the sole focus directed toward the specific lead candidate's market potential. In reality the underlying science that points to a much broader market potential or platform is often the real asset in play. Recognizing these mismatches in market perception and big pharma perception can make for substantial gains in licensing for example before the market even realizes what happened and why.

hidden potential


TRIUMPH delivers

What's special about TRIUMPH? The key to its success is the fact that it is the hard work and due diligence investing that the crowd looking for the next big FDA approval story just is not willing to do.

It's also very different from a popular system like CANSLIM* for example. The C and the A of the CANSLIM method focus on Current and Annual earnings, something a great biotech stock might not yet have. If you are investing in a biotech company, CANSLIM can't find the powerful stocks driving our portfolio performance and never will find the biggest gainers coming from any of the small and mid-caps we identify with TRIUMP. When it comes to biotech, CANSLIM ...can't.

The Mismatched Discovery Phase (Mature versus immature discovery)

Some of the biggest portfolio gains we produce actually occur well ahead of drug approval in what we call the mismatched discovery phase. What the market ultimately discovers are the elements of TRIUMPH we have identified for you that led the company to great mid stage data, an unexpected partnership or license, or even an unexpected buyout. While these discoveries and potential are available to investors doing diligent research, the market has underappreciated the maturity of development or ignored what it does not yet understand.

This often puts us in the position of investing in mature discovery (i.e. discovery available through research) versus immature market discovery (the merits of the investment flying under the radar). When the market catches up to what you already know, as might be the case in a big pharma license or a sudden takeover; sit back and enjoy the stock explosion fireworks. Mismatched discovery can often bring you the greatest profits.

TRIUMPH produces #1 Investment Newsletter Portfolio

Our subscribers are experiencing the powerful effects of TRIUMP investing. The currinBIOTECH newsletter has outperformed every investment newsletter tacked by the Hulbert Financial Digest since it was launched. The closest in performance to our flagship Cell Signaling and Cancer Stem Cells portfolio is a portfolio from our sister publication currinTechnology under the guidance of the same editor.

You might be thinking TRIUMPH doesn't sound very simple. We disagree. It is simple it's just not easy or everyone would be getting such stellar returns. Hard work can be simple...just not easy. But we make it simple and easy for you by doing the legwork of the research, presenting it to in a clear and understandable way and giving you clear entry and exit transactions.

We believe you will find the research we provide in the TRIUMPH system to be the greatest investment newsletter investment you have ever made. So far the results have certainly made that true for our subscribers looking to substantially outperform the market.

We welcome you to join our premium newsletter product. And if you join through this special link we will instantly take 50% off the newsletter for first time members. We look forward to your membership and to your satisfaction with the results.

Rick Currin

Editor CurrinBIOTECH

*CANSLIMTM is a registered trademark of William O'Neil & Co.

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