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Cell Signaling and Cancer Stem Cell Portfolio

cell signaling and cancer stem cells

This portfolio is made up primarily of biotech companies with drug candidates.  With the inclusion of cancer stem cells the portfolio is focused more on oncology than other diseases.  However the cell signaling stocks may also be targeting diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer's disease or other promising areas with great market potential.


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Personalized Medicine Portfolio

This portfolio is made up primarily of companies enabling the fulfillment of personalized medicine.  It includes companies involved with in vitro diagnostics, genetic markers and tests, as well as DNA sequencing technologies.  While there is an inclusion of companies with drug candidates with personalized medicine approaches, generally companies in this portfolio are less centered on reliance of a successful drug candidate and more centered on enabling biotech companies and therapies requiring genomic analysis.

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Future of Medicine Portfolio


This portfolio features a hybrid of promising technologies in our focus areas of cancer stem cells, early detection, economic genomics, unmet medical need, and cutting edge drug delivery.  With the cutting edge nature of some of the companies featured here, the Future of Medicine portfolio can generally be considered potentially more speculative and volatile than the personalized medicine portfolio but with a longer term focus in mind. 

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