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Biotech investing in the age of the human genome.

You have found the home of clear-cut, insightful, and independent research for investing in the exciting field of biotechnology.  We provide you with easy to understand analysis in a field that can be quite challenging for the average investor.

Each month the CurrinBiotech newsletter report will provide an informative, plain-English perspective on the investments we identify as the best biotech stocks and life sciences stocks to own in the field.  We will strive to take you well beyond the often confusing scientific press releases, the pure momentum hype of the latest stock, and the alluring promise of instant riches with the next candidate facing the FDA approval process.  We will give you easy to understand information on the underlying scientific basis to expect dramatic success in your investments.

Investing in biotech stocks in the age of the human genome brings substantial opportunities to investors.  We believe knowledge of the human genome will be as transformational to the medical field as the internet has been to the area of information technology.  The profits have only begun to be realized as the landscape of treatment, prevention, drug discovery, and drug development is changed forever.  Many of the old guard pharma companies have come to the game later than aggressive biotechs on the cutting edge of science and innovation.  But more than that, biotech development in the age of the genome runs counter to the "one size fits all" mentality that has always worked for big pharma.  These big companies are scrambling fast to find the "right drug for the right target" approach ushered in by the human genome.

That doesn't mean you should load up on the small biotech stocks with thinner and riskier pipelines.  After all there can be big differences in biotechs developing so-called best in class candidates.  One may be for an indication that is already covered by a major branded drug with a large marketing army.  The other may be a small biotech about to fundamentally change a treatment area and therefore lead its own army of copycats (including big pharma players looking for biotech companies to partner with to catch up).

We fundamentally believe that understanding the wealth potential in biotech includes understanding science, innovation, and its relationship with big pharma.  Countless talking heads can tell you about the second part as the needs for big pharma to restore aging pipelines facing patent expiration and generic drug status are well understood.  That's the easy part to understand. 

Understanding the science and innovation however is probably the hardest part of the investment decision for the investor to figure out.  It's no wonder investors often flock to the latest hype of "the Next Dendreon" or avoid the challenge altogether in that situation.  Our goal is to make the hardest part for you much easier and understandably clear.  That way you are armed with the plain-English knowledge of the science and innovation and confident in your biotech investments as well.  Understanding the science of your biotech investments allows you to sleep well with the confidence that unless something goes very unexpectedly counter to the science and market development, you have the right investment.

What you get:

Companies in Focus

Each month we cover the investments selected for developments important to your investment decisions.  This includes looking at parallel development and pipeline activity and the business model as applied to your investment.   

Breaking Science

Each month we take a look at the science of the biotech area.  While biotech companies will often deliver press releases on the positive developments in an animal or clinical study, scientific research can often define the true under the radar direction of drug candidates.  We look at breaking science for what it gives us as confirmation or perhaps even contradiction of biotech investments.  By using this approach you stay invested in the most promising science and avoid the disasters of late stage disappointments.

Gems on the Forefront

We deliver the gems on the forefront each month.  No biotech investment portfolio is complete without some exposure to mid stage developments.  While a mix of mid stage and later stage pipelines is important generally, it is the early to mid stage areas that provide the 10 to 20 baggers as well as the huge upside potential of partnerships and acquisitions by big pharma in the long term.   Also looking at mid stage developments (and sometimes even early developments and non-publicly traded activity) gives you early signals on what late stage drugs are facing in terms of promise and pitfalls.  By taking a look at gems on the forefront in every issue we arm you with the knowledge to navigate biotech for the largest profits.  We will show you in every issue that hidden gems are not so hidden after all.

Stock Selection and Portfolios

We feature model portfolios for our selections.  You have access to all the portfolio information and recommendations in the member area as well as access to archived content and alerts.

Unlimited Online Access, Alerts and Special Features

In addition to the monthly service for tracking your investment decisions, you will also receive email alerts for transactions and special feature reports as supplemental reports.  All of the information in the monthly service is available online with unlimited access.

A Simple Effective Approach

The CurrinBiotech newsletter is easy to use and understand.  Buy the longer term portfolio stocks we feature in our portfolio section and monitor the investments as well as market developments with our newsletter and transaction alerts. 

While the system is simplicity in action, it is knowing which stocks to select based on knowledge of the science and innovation and market potential that is key to its success.  That's where the research of CurrinBiotech and our collaboration team comes in to bring you clear, confident, money-making picks.  If you would like to know more about joining click the link below.

Rick Currin


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