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About Us

Our mission at CurrinBiotech is to provide the individual investor, with clear, in-depth, independent research that will enhance your investment objectives.  We do this by presenting to you our model portfolios for investing in the biotechnology/life sciences space, as well as updating our members with analysis of the science and innovation in the sector.

Each month, premium members receive the "CurrinBiotech Newsletter".  We issue additional special feature reports as well.   When we modify our portfolios, we immediately communicate such actions to our members through our "transaction alerts".  We will also have "alerts" in special circumstances for key milestone developments.  We deliver special features on selected topics relevant to your investments.

There's a lot of complicated information in this space.  So much so that the individual investor tends to throw up his hands in despair when looking at biotech.  We strive to make biotech investing and the underlying science behind the investment decisions easy to understand.  Our goal is to make you educated, comfortable, and confident in the ability of the information presented to make you money.

We provide quality research about the companies selected for investment.  We are independent and receive no fees from covered companies, or commissions of any kind.  The only way we succeed is through your continued memberships... so we only succeed if you are successful.

We believe the service will prove a valuable resource to you.  Whether you find a key stock you were unaware of or whether you follow our model portfolios to the letter, we believe we will deliver what you seek.  .

Investing in biotechnology can be difficult for the individual investor.  But it can be very rewarding as well.   Personally we take some pride in knowing that we are looking at several investments that will fundamentally save lives.  We enjoy working together with our science collaborators to take their difficult to understand excitement in a development and distill it down to easy to understand, plain-English for your investment benefit.  You don't need a PhD to understand why an investment in science and technology is right for a challenging new century.  But you do need knowledge of what to invest in.

Our Approach

Strategy.  We are not employing a trading strategy but an investment strategy.  Trading strategies and schemes emerge on almost a daily basis; we are committed to a mix of near term, mid range, and long term objectives through fundamental research.    We look to select the best names we can to combine the highest return potential with the highest confidence in success.

Our Dedication to Our Members.  The only way we succeed is by keeping our members happy and confident in their investment choices and the information they receive.  Our ongoing, thorough analysis is reflected in the quality of our selections, and delivered in the reports we issue to our members.

Our Experts.  The CurrinBiotech team is comprised of investing experts with years of experience in identifying high growth companies and biotechnology opportunities.  Our collaboration experts also come to the table with years of experience in the medical and patient care fields.

We look forward to having you as a member.